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How To Go Through Comfortable Opioid Withdrawal Treatment

What is “comfortable opioid withdrawal treatment”?

Everyone dependent on opioids who has tried to get off would love to know what it is, and if it even exists, and if so, where can they get it?

The first answer most people come up with is:

Reducing and eliminating the opioids you take without suffering withdrawal symptoms = comfortable opioid withdrawal treatment.

That would definitely be “comfortable opioid withdrawal.” And that’s great.

But it isn’t complete. There was no mention of any treatment.

Here’s the complete and correct answer:

A safe, medically proven detoxification method that lets you reduce and even eliminate the opioids you’re taking without suffering withdrawal symptoms = comfortable opioid withdrawal treatment.

It’s the treatment in there that makes the answer complete and correct.

And that’s where Novus Detox comes in.

Is comfortable opioid withdrawal even possible?

Yes! And it happens all the time here at Novus. The idea of getting off opioids without suffering all the pain and misery of withdrawal is no longer just a dream.

At Novus, patients do not have to go through all the brutal discomfort they have suffered at other facilities, or when they have tried to withdraw on their own.

Novus has developed a breakthrough opioid detox program that follows a series of proprietary medical detox protocols, or steps.

This program achieves a safe, effective and comfortable opioid withdrawal – even for high-dose opioid dependencies so often seen with drugs like heroin or methadone.

Novus is one of the few medical detox clinics, if not the only one, that can eliminate most, and sometimes even all, the symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

The Novus program is the comfortable opioid withdrawal treatment people are talking about.

There is hope for a new life.Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

What is opioid dependence and withdrawal?

When someone has been taking opioids for some time, maybe a doctor’s prescription for chronic pain, or maybe using opioids recreationally, their body becomes accustomed to the presence of the drug.

What this means is that the drugs have made some changes in the body’s chemistry. Now, when the drug isn’t provided – when it is lessened or completely withdrawn – the body responds with all sorts of aches, pains, misery and discomfort. They are physically dependent on the drug.

This withdrawal scenario is exactly the same for opioid addicts. They too are physically dependent. Addicts, however, use opioids because of how it makes them feel. They will do almost anything – legal or illegal or dangerous – to get their opioids.

Classic opioid withdrawal symptoms

The classic opioid withdrawal symptoms usually begin with an increased heart rate, restlessness and anxiety. If opioids aren’t provided soon, next comes serious irritability, chills and sweating, runny nose, teary eyes – and it just gets worse.

Muscle spasms, cramps, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting at the same time, muscle pain and weakness, bone-deep pain, more chills, more shaking and sweating. It’s like the worst case of flu anyone has ever had. But even worse.

That’s why only 5 percent of people trying to withdraw from opioids on their own ever make it. The other 95 percent wind up back on the drugs.

Heavy stress a health risk

Trying to quit opioids cold turkey – or even step down over time – can be a serious health risk.

How many opioid dependent people do you know who are in good health? Opioid dependent and addicted people are almost always malnourished and dehydrated. And that’s just to start with.

Everyone who is opioid dependent, and that especially includes addicts, are also chronically physically ill already, because they are physically dependent on a foreign substance that has changed their body chemically and structurally. And they are mentally and emotionally unwell.

Opioid withdrawal seriously stresses their body’s systems even more. These added negative stresses are even worse because they’re not in good health to start with. They were already stressed out because of their dependence and/or addiction. And now withdrawal is making it even worse.

Organ failure and death

A lowered resistance to the stresses of opioid detox and withdrawal threatens serious damage, such as organ failure and even death. And no one can predict what will fail during a stressful drug or alcohol withdrawal. It could be the heart, the liver, one or both kidneys, the lungs, or a complete breakdown of the nervous system.

This is no time to be alone at home. A threat to your life is the main reason to avoid cold turkey withdrawal, especially alone. An experienced team of medical opioid withdrawal specialists in your corner is your best chance of making it through.

And when that team can reduce or eliminate most of the withdrawal symptoms, it’s just a no-brainer. Where do you want to be? Or your loved one? Not alone at home. And not in some cell-like cubicle suffering the endless pain and despair of withdrawal.

How does Novus create a comfortable opioid withdrawal?

The Novus opioid detoxification is based on a deeper understanding of how and why withdrawal symptoms occur. The process follows a series of protocols, or steps, that are designed exactly for each individual patient’s needs – their age, their metabolism, their health level, what dosages of opioids they’ve been on and for how long.

The patient’s health is of primary concern. Hydration, nutrition, specialized supplements and intravenous nutritional support, builds the patient’s body up so it can meet the stress of withdrawal.

The protocols also include close, round-the-clock medical attention to patient responses, making adjustments when necessary.

Also, the temporary use of opioid medications like buprenorphine helps replace the missing opioid of dependence, relieving the withdrawal symptoms. This highly-skilled application of the medication, which is different for every patient, is key to achieving the “comfortable” detox.

All these highly individualized protocols are constantly monitored, based on how the patient is responding to care. And within a short time, sometimes less than a week, the patient is drug free and feeling brighter, healthier and stronger than he or she has in months or years.

And our patients always tell the tale of the withdrawal – “More comfortable than they ever imagined it could be.”

So the dream is now a reality. Novus Medical Detox has developed a comfortable withdrawal program for opiate / opioid dependence. Spread the good word around.

There is hope for a new life. Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

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