The Comfortable Alcohol Detox

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The Comfortable Alcohol Detox

Re-imagining Sobriety™

We at Novus know that the hardest decision to make is the first one: to quit alcohol. It’s hard – not because you are weak, not because you are just an “addictive personality,” not because you don’t care about yourself or your family,



We have whole-heartedly dedicated Novus Medical Detox to be the place where you can be assured of

  • The Most Comfortable Detox Possible
  • In the Safest and Most Stress-Free Environment Possible
  • With the Most Caring and Compassionate Staff
  • Where You Are Treated With Dignity and Respect
  • And Can Leave Completely Alcohol Free

How Do We Do It? No “One-Size-Fits-All” Programs Here

First, we recognize that every person is a unique individual. This uniqueness means that you need an individualized program designed just for you. We have no “one-size-fits-all” programs at Novus. Each person who comes to Novus is singular and special to us.

We do a complete assessment with a full physical exam to determine among other things:

  • Your current state of health
  • The longevity of the problem
  • The speed of your metabolism
  • Your existing vitamin or mineral deficiencies
  • Your state of hydration
  • Assessment of your physical pains or discomforts
  • And other metabolic tests proprietary to Novus

An Individual Program is written just for you, based on the above findings.

As you proceed on your program, it is adjusted to your needs to ensure an effective but comfortable detox.

We know of no other detox program in the country that will do this for you.

Your Novus Program also includes:

  • A home-like atmosphere, with tree-filled grounds, walking areas and a gym, since we find that patients do significantly better in a peaceful, stress-free, comfortable environment.
  • Caring, compassionate and understanding staff, who provide 24-hour-a-day medical supervision, plus a sensitive and responsive ear when needed.
  • The use of nutritional supplements; proprietary IVs containing the nutrients, amino acids and minerals depleted by use of alcohol; natural holistic remedies for pain; hydration; and delicious and nutritious meals to rebuild the body. Some even say they leave Novus in better health than before they started drinking alcohol.
  • A comfortable private or shared room with telephone, TV, DVD and Internet. Cell phones, personal computers and smoking are all allowed.

Novus’s safe and effective detox method cleanses the body in a comfortable manner that significantly diminishes withdrawal discomforts. Our compassionate staff will care for you all along the way, helping you get through your alcohol detox faster and more easily than you ever imagined, and to become free of your addiction.

You will leave Novus completely alcohol-free and ready to get your life back.

There is hope for a new life. Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

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