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Why Canadians Choose Novus Medical Detox Center

Canadians have been coming to Florida for nearly a century to escape the snow and ice of Canada’s winters. Now they’re coming all year round to Novus Medical Detox Center in Pasco County, Florida, to experience the incredible benefits of Novus’ cutting-edge drug detox program medical protocols, which are not available anywhere in Canada.

There are a number of factors causing Canadians to look outside Canada for drug detox services. According to Canadian patients arriving for drug treatment at Novus Medical Detox Center in Florida, Canadians too often experience:

  • Huge delays—four or more months—in admission to Canadian drug detox and drug treatment facilities
  • No drug detox available in Canada at all for higher-dose methadone addiction
  • Medically out-of-date, ineffective, one-size-fits-all and brutally impersonal drug detox programs.

Huge Delays In Admission To Canadian Drug Detox Programs & Treatment Centers

The general shortage of beds for drug detox in Canada follows decades of misplaced funding at all levels of government. Concentration on “harm reduction” policies that promote replacement drugs, such as methadone for opiate addiction, have siphoned off millions of tax dollars which could have been used to construct and staff up drug detox and drug treatment facilities. To speed up the process of their drug treatment, many Canadians are looking for addiction help in the USA, and while searching for a treatment center find Novus Medical Detox Center in Florida.

No Canadian Drug Detox Available for High-Dose Methadone Addiction

In Canada, as in the USA and elsewhere in the world, methadone is provided through government programs as “treatment” for addictions to heroin and other opioids.

Unfortunately, the “harm reduction” philosophy so prevalent in the world keeps people addicted rather than getting them off drugs and back to a productive, drug-free life.

Methadone is a seriously addictive narcotic, and for most people seeking drug addiction help, they soon find that methadone withdrawal is even more difficult than withdrawing from heroin and other opiates.

It is particularly important that women of child-bearing age withdraw because methadone can adversely affect the health of innocent babies.

And methadone, like all narcotics, builds physical tolerance—the more you use, the more you need. The longer someone is on methadone, the more methadone he or she is compelled to take or suffer withdrawal symptoms.

The main problem with methadone addiction is that methadone replacement therapy routinely reaches dosage levels of 80mg to 100mg a day, and even 200mg or higher are not uncommon.

Methadone prescribed for pain often has deadly consequences.

Here is why methadone is so addictive.

Still not sure about getting off methadone now? Read The Methadone Prison.

There is hope for a new life.Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

No Help in Canada for High Dose Methadone Addiction

But withdrawing from methadone is so difficult that few drug detox centers in the world will accept patients taking more than 30mg to 50mg a day. This is certainly true ion in Canada, where methadone has created a nightmare existence for thousands of Canadians trapped by high-dose methadone addictions.

Fortunately, Novus Medical Detox Center accepts high-dose methadone patients for drug detox, a fact that is becoming known across Canada.

Canada’s drug detox technology is, like most of the rest of the world, way behind the curve. There have been remarkable breakthroughs in drug detox, and Novus Medical Detox Center has pioneered new medical protocols that are attracting patients from across the USA and Canada.

Most drug detox centers treat most patients exactly the same—one size fits all, and little is done to personalize treatment or improve the patient experience.

The Novus Medical Drug Detox Program

At Novus Medical Detox Center, new medical and nutritional approaches are significantly improving the patient experience for people undergoing our drug detox program. Visitors from across the USA and Canada benefit from:

  • Medical supervision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Programs that match each patient’s unique needs
  • Monitoring and maintenance of proper hydration levels, so essential to successful drug detox
  • Use of natural nutritional supplements
  • Use of nutrient-enriched IV treatments
  • Use of medicinal aids to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

The Bottom Line: Canadians Are Coming To Novus Medical Detox Center for Drug Addiction Help

Many Canadians with drug or alcohol problems are coming to Florida to Novus Medical Detox Center because they’re sick and tired of the delays in getting addiction help in Canada. When they decide to become drug free at last, delays are the last thing they need.

Canadians caught in the web of high-dose methadone addiction are also being treated safely and successfully every day at Novus. Canadians seeking to end their methadone addiction and dependence are among the most frequent visitors to Novus.

And Canadians are telling their friends and families about Novus Medical Detox Center because each detox program is designed to match each patient’s unique health requirements. Patients experience fewer and less intense withdrawal symptoms than they ever expected. And important to Canadians away from home, Novus patients spend less time detoxing than they would at any drug detox center in Canada.

Canadian Provinces
Canadian Province Abbreviation
Alberta AB
British Columbia BC
Manitoba MB
New Brunswick NB
Newfoundland and Labrador NL
Northwest Territories NT
Nova Scotia NS
Nunavut NU
Ontario ON
Prince Edward Island PE
Quebec QC
Saskatchewan SK
Yukon YT
Canada Major Cities
Calgary, AB Halifax, NS Oshawa, ON
Edmonton, AB Iqaluit, NU Ottawa, ON
Kelowna, BC Brampton, ON St. Catharines, ON
Vancouver, BC Burlington, ON Toronto, ON
Victoria, BC Hamilton, ON Walkerton, ON
Whistler, BC Kingston, ON Charlottetown, PE
Winnipeg, MB Kitchener / Waterloo, ON Montreal, QC
Churchill, MB London, ON Quebec City, QC
Fredericton, NB Mississauga, ON Regina, SK
St. John’s, NL Niagara Falls, ON Saskatoon, SK
Yellowknife, NT Oakville, ON Whitehorse, YT

There is hope for a new life. Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

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