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Benzo Detox Successes – Training Manager (Klonopin, Vicodin, Cymbalta, Cocaine)

I was made to feel right at home. The staff and management were excellent at taking care of the details that can be overwhelming when a person is not able to function.

Seeing others working here having gone through the withdrawal process gives me hope that it can be done. Some of the “natural remedies” are truly helpful which is something I have never really bought into prior to coming here. I will definitely be utilizing them more often than not in the future.

Dr. Caroline quickly assessed that I probably needed a metabolic workup and that I might be having “menopausal” issues contributing to the roller coaster ride I’ve been on. This is something I will definitely follow up on.

Training Manager (Klonopin, Vicodin, Cymbalta, Cocaine)

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