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Benzo Detox Successes – Computer Specialist (Lorazepam, Zoloft, Cocaine)

I have nothing negative to say! I’m so happy my family chose this place for me. It truly is the staff as well as the patients that made my stay comfortable! I will so miss everyone!

Every staff member made me feel special and worthy as a fellow human being. They all care and I felt that deeply. I loved the food (first 2 days mostly slept) after that I ate everything on my plate. The only thing I am disappointed with is I gained weight! Good thing, though!

Very comfortable setting! Felt at home which made my stay enjoyable. I’m going to miss everyone here so much. The grounds are beautiful.

I realized that people care about me and took the time to discuss and explain the downfall of drugs and how they affect the body and mind! I believe everything happens for a reason! I went from using a variety of prescription drugs and substance abuse for 5 — 7 years to now I realized I don’t need any type of drug. For the most part I learned that here at Novus from every staff member who gladly spent time with me and explained the corrupt world of prescription drugs that I can now start and live a new clean, happy chapter in my life.

As I stated previously, every single person I have met here at Novus I will treasure them in my heart forever! I want to thank all of you for having touched my life in a positive way. Thank you!!

My experience has taught me to live life in the day and to the fullest! I love you all!

Computer Specialist (Lorazepam, Zoloft, Cocaine)

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