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Benzo Detox Successes – Artist/Writer (Xanax, Alcohol, Opioids)

It is a beautiful facility. Lovely scenery and a turtle. (We named him Napoleon).

Before checking into Novus I was very uninspired and unmotivated to do anything. I had this insane thought that I was going to get high and be super creative with my art work and writing my book. Needless to say the opposite happened. But then I came to Novus and they helped me turn my life around. In a matter of days I felt just like myself again. The true me, not the me on drugs who lies, cheats and steals, but the genuine me that loves to help others and live an honest, respectful, moral-based life. Novus helped me to excavate myself and I don’t think I could have properly and safely been detoxed from all the rubbish I was putting into my body.

Artist/Writer (Xanax, Alcohol, Opioids)

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