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Florida Detox – Teenage Alcoholism

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Preventing Another Generation of Florida Alcohol Detox Patients

If you wonder why teenagers like to drink alcohol so much, the answer is a no-brainer: Kids learn their behavior by watching other people, a principle aptly expressed in the old saying, “Monkey-see, monkey-do”.

Kids follow the examples of their opinion leaders — older teens, young adults and especially parents (and those parents don’t have to be their own moms and dads). Add all the movies and TV shows depicting beautiful, handsome and stylish young people partying with booze and drugs, and the allure can prove irresistible.

When our kids watch their opinion leaders drinking alcohol, such behavior becomes desirable and even cool. But we never see the real life stories of the thousands of teenagers and kids who die from overdoses, or wind up in alcohol detox for alcohol addiction that began in middle school.

Florida Alcoholism Facts and Statistics

According to a new survey of Florida’s middle and high school students, our kids and teens are drinking more alcohol than the national average — a sure sign that Florida alcohol detox centers will continue to be busy long into the future.

The Florida Office of Drug Control joined the White House Office of Drug Control Policy in releasing the 2010 Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey of 72,797 students in grades 6 through 12.

The results were a mixed bag of ups and downs, some good news and some not so good. The new survey found small general improvements in the number of kids abusing prescription and street drugs, but kids are smoking more marijuana than ever, and alcohol abuse among Florida teenagers is a very serious problem.

Although the number of kids abusing alcohol was a little lower than last year, It’s difficult to call a small reduction good news when it actually means that thousands of Florida’s school children are still abusing alcohol on a regular basis.

And the problem is not that some kids are taking a few drinks. The facts are that adolescents can become thoroughly and tragically addicted to alcohol in only 6 to 18 months of drinking. By comparison, it can take 5 to 15 years of drinking to turn an adult into an alcoholic.

Marijuana is a gateway to harder drugs like cocaine and heroin. And the calls for legalization of marijuana that we see in TV news shows and on the internet continue to foster the lie that weed is harmless.

But alcohol is its own demon, a gateway to a life in alcoholic hell. And the solution for our children rests with the adults: If you have kids, or are around children, don’t drink around kids or encourage drinking in any way.

If you have an alcohol problem yourself, get into a Florida alcohol detox center now. Your actions could help save a kid from growing into an alcoholic who will need alcohol detox to survive and have a good life.

There is hope for a new life.Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

Florida alcohol detox programs can head off future tragedy

Alcoholism in Florida is a major public health problem. Alcoholism and frequent alcohol abuse extends across all ages, from seniors down to school children.

Florida alcohol detox centers routinely treat senior citizens battling a lifetime of alcohol abuse. The state’s abundant population of senior citizen retirees are notoriously dependent on alcohol, and Florida hospitals are chronically hard-pressed trying to save the lives of seniors with life-threatening complications of alcoholism.

In recent years, Florida alcohol detox centers have reported increasing numbers of younger adults seeking help with alcoholism. Even young parents with very small children are caught in the alcohol maze that began in high school or earlier. Now it’s drinking after work, drinking even more at parties, drinking around the pool or at dinner or at the beach or anywhere else it’s allowed.

A few years ago, these young parents were watching their own parents drink. And now their own kids are watching them — watching and learning.

Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Statistics

Statistics show that alcoholism most often progresses from simply needing to drink every day to a ruined life. More often than not, it all starts when children watch mom and dad and cool older kids in school and in the movies knock back their drinks. Then in college it gets even worse, and by graduation, it can be time for alcohol detox to treat real alcoholism.

Here are some of the stats concerning alcohol and drug abuse by American kids in Florida, and across the country:

  • The Florida Youth Survey of 2008 found that the average age of first use of alcohol was 12 years old. The 2010 Florida survey has not changed this fact. (Source: Florida Youth Survey 2008)
  • Forty-five percent of those who begin drinking alcohol before the age of 14 will be alcohol dependent later in life. Only 10 percent of those who wait until 21 or older become alcoholics. (Source: Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine)
  • Every day, 2,500 American teenagers try to get high on prescription drugs for the first time. They usually get these drugs from “cool” older kids, and of course, they are copying the behavior of the older kids. (Source: Partnership for a Drug Free America)
  • Sixty percent of teens who have abused prescription painkillers did so before age15. (Source: Partnership for a Drug Free America)
  • Across America, there are as many new kids aged 12 to 17 abusing prescription drugs as there are kids abusing marijuana. (Source: Partnership for a Drug Free America)
  • More kids die from “polydrug” overdoses than from a single drug or alcohol overdose. Kids don’t know how dangerous it is to mix alcohol with prescription drugs like painkillers.

Florida Alcohol Detox Treatment Centers

People with drug and alcohol problems could go a long way towards reducing the chances of addiction for the next generation by seeking help at a Florida alcohol detox treatment centers right now.

Novus Medical Detox Center in Florida’s Pasco County is one of the most successful alcohol detox centers in the state. Highly skilled and caring 24/7 medical supervision, delicious, health-building menus, and individual treatment protocols based on each patient’s unique health requirements are among the reasons why Novus Detox is the best choice to begin one’s voyage back to sobriety.

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