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Alcohol Detox Successes – Retired Medical Professional (Alcohol)

At first I was extremely nervous about my decision to come to Novus. When I first arrived I was still quite worried, but as the day went by, my feelings rapidly changed. I can’t express enough the warm and friendly attitude of the staff. Day two I was already feeling as part of a wonderful family; not one member of the Novus staff made me feel uncomfortable. There was definitely a feeling of true friendship with my new family. They made a tough job easy for me to overcome. I could not thank them enough. Tomorrow I will be leaving and I already miss this entire group of great people. They went as far as taking me to a new approach to pain relief. I suggest that anyone in pain visit this website, I have not been pain free since 1995, and today April of 2009, I am. (No drugs).

My realizations were that you are not alone and a change in lifestyle is the real answer to most of our problems.

Everyone has to make decisions in life. If you make the wrong or easy one, it is so easy to destroy a great family and isolate yourself for selfish reasons.

I will come away from Novus with my head on straight, knowing that I’m the only one that can change and enjoy my life without anything but love from my great family.

Retired Medical Professional (Alcohol)

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