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Alcohol Detox Successes – Retired (Alcohol)

Everyone during my stay was extremely pleasant and accommodating from maintenance and kitchen staff, to nurses, counselors and doctor.

The kitchen staff and food was fantastic! They accommodated special requests. Also if patients were not ready to eat at specified times, their prepared meals were put in the fridge.

1) My success going forward is my responsibility.
2) Continue to utilize tools (i.e., AA meetings, sponsor, AA network, 12 step program, etc.).
3) Keep busy.
4) Reflected on past accomplishments and dry periods. I have great expectations to enjoy this good life clean for the rest of my life.
5) Make daily contact with dry and clean friends.
6) Continue to look for a better job after a period of stable dry time.
7) Continue volunteer work.
8) Any further failures are not an option.

Retired (Alcohol)

(emphasis added in bold)

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