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Alcohol Detox Successes – Research Scientist (Alcohol)

It has been fantastic. I was very nervous about the alcohol detox process. The staff was very welcoming and reassuring. I was extremely concerned about my hypertension, the staff monitored me closely which made me feel safe.

Very comfortable homelike atmosphere.

I truly needed help to detox successfully; Novus was the perfect choice. I realize that I will go home to the same stressors that led me to drink, however, I now feel empowered with a clear mind to address problems/issues one at a time. Loneliness is not good for me. I need to take the time to do things I enjoy, exercise, reading, participating in child advocacy groups. With the counselors advice I will change my gym/workout times to the afternoons after work, this is the time of day I would drink, so changing the schedule will help me modify behaviors.

I will most definitely continue the Emergen-C drinks and vitamin supplements.

The discharge planning was comprehensive. I have appointments scheduled and feel confident that I will stay on the right road.

I never imagined that the detox experience would be so comfortable. The staff treats all clients with respect and compassion. They also treat each other with respect. This goes a long way from a patient perspective, it demonstrates that the kindness and compassion and commitment to comfortable detox is a sincere and united effort.
Thank you for giving me my life back and reminding me that I have many happy times ahead. More importantly, thank you for helping me realize although life will throw us curve balls, the mind and body can conquer obstacles without alcohol.

Research Scientist (Alcohol)

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