Alcohol Detox Success Story at Novus Medical Detox

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Alcohol Detox Success Story at Novus Medical Detox

Success story from a patient who successfully completed the Alcohol Detox Program at Novus Detox.

“The staff was always extremely helpful and very attentive.  The accommodations are better than several hotels I’ve stayed at.  JJ, Monty, Scott, pretty much everyone was great.  The entire kitchen staff and all the nurses.  The food was gourmet quality. I appreciated the fact they were always willing to adjust upon request.

“Common areas are excellent.  Love the large T.V. Grounds are very nice.

“I realized the clarity of sobriety both mentally and physically.  I had the opportunity to make some great friends and learn different ways to overcome addiction.  Having never felt this good in a long, long time I have no desire to return to using/abusing alcohol.

“I also realize I must find new friends or “politely” eliminate the former negative influences.

“I met several people who used drugs I’ve never experienced and now know there is no way I would ever consider experimenting, regardless of situation or peer pressure.

“While I would never be the preacher type, I would seize the opportunity to share some of my personal experiences and some of the stories I’ve learned when the opportunity presents itself.

“My biggest win is the desire and confidence to remain sober – with confidence.”

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