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Additional dependencies complicate methadone withdrawal

As anyone who’s tried to get off methadone will tell you, methadone withdrawal can be a difficult proposition at any level of dosage and dependency.

When methadone dosages reach higher levels, withdrawal becomes even more difficult – so difficult in fact that there aren’t very many drug detox centers anywhere in the country that accept high-dose methadone patients. That’s why so many folks needing high-dose methadone detox turn to Novus Medical Detox Center. We are one of the very few that can safely and effectively handle methadone patients at literally any level of dosage.

Percentage of Methadone Patients dependent on other substances

But there’s another factor that complicates methadone withdrawal even more. And that’s co-existing substance addictions.

A Canadian government study revealed that methadone patients are very often addicted to one or more other substances, in addition to the substance for which they are using methadone.

Nearly half are addicted to cocaine, and roughly a quarter of them are addicted to alcohol, and/or benzodiazepines and/or marijuana, among other substances.

When you add the opiate addiction that brought them to methadone, along with the methadone addiction itself, you can wind up with a really complicated detox situation. Here are people really wanting and needing immediate and effective methadone withdrawal – especially high-dose methadone withdrawal. But the expertise needed to accomplish a clean withdrawal from all this nightmare of addiction is so rare and hard to find.

Meanwhile, the debate continues about whether or not methadone maintenance is an effective or even a morally defensible approach to opiate addiction. Any debate should always include the data about co-existing addictions. Proponents of methadone maintenance point to patients getting “weaned” from opiates and escaping from the heroin and prescription painkiller prison. But they fail to mention the co-addictions – each one a prison as well. And what about the almost escape-proof high-dose methadone prison?

Addicts on methadone maintenance programs aren’t getting “weaned” from opiates if they’re secretly supporting a cocaine and benzodiazepine habit. How many of them will ever choose to “get drug free”? The answer is, very, very few indeed. And that’s the statistical reality.

Almost no one has ever managed to get off methadone on his or her own. And the scarcity of detox centers competent enough to deal with methadone make it tough to support such “treatment”. Why opt for methadone if it just prolongs the agony of addiction and nearly always leads to a high-dose nightmare later on?

Here’s the bottom line: If you’re considering a methadone program, just cut to the chase. Get into an opiate detox center like Novus right now and avoid the methadone prison. And if you’re trying to deal with a high-dose methadone situation, especially if it’s complicated by co-addictions, you need to call and speak to one of our experienced and caring counselors today.

Get all the facts about methadone detox (and all the other substances we deal with on a daily basis). And be sure to ask your counselor why Novus patients are so glad they chose Novus.

There is hope for a new life. Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

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