15 07, 2016

Young Man Gets His Life Back With Help From…Soccer?

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(Novus writes inspirational stories of people in the news who have overcome addiction.  This is not to infer that these people are connected to Novus Medical Detox Center but simply to provide hope and encouragement to those fighting addiction.) Philip Jones was addicted to drugs and living on the streets of San Francisco for days at a time, and then seeking brief refuge at home with his mom. Philip had been abusing drugs since his teens - in fact he was selling pot in middle school - and it just kept getting worse. When he was 21, his mom finally kicked him out of the [...]

5 07, 2016

Patients are too often prescribed extra painkillers and many share them with others

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It’s okay to share your Tylenol or Advil with a friend or family member, but it’s definitely not okay to share your Vicodin, Percocet or OxyContin or other extra painkillers. Tylenols are OTC – over-the-counter drugs – and they’re approved for everyone. But opioids like OxyContin are doctor-prescribed-only drugs. People can get hooked on opioids, and even die from an overdose. Passing them around can be dangerous. Yes, this is an “everybody knows” kind of message. But apparently everyone hasn’t gotten the message. A new study from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, says that on average, more than half of [...]

30 06, 2016

FDA Panel Recommends Approval for Two New Abuse-Deterrent Opioids, But Says No to a Third

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Close to a dozen abuse-deterrent prescription opioid painkillers have been approved by the FDA Panel over the past few years. Already this year, three more companies have submitted new opioid painkillers with abuse-deterrent formulation for approval. (Abuse deterrence means that the pills, patches and liquids are formulated to make them discouragingly difficult to crush, snort, dissolve or inject.) The investment by drug makers in developing new technology to discourage abuse has been enormous. And the efforts are continuing, as seen by the three latest submissions to the FDA and rumors that there are many more on the way. Seeking approval for new abuse-deterrent opioid painkillers [...]

28 06, 2016

New Jersey hospital ER switches from opioids to safer, alternative pain treatment

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The emergency department at New Jersey hospital St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson, N.J., is one of the busiest ERs in the nation. And now it’s switching to non-opioid treatments for pain, says a story in The New York Times. The Times article says that the ER is using opioids “only as a last resort” for the most difficult or chronic pain. Instead, patients with “common types of acute pain — migraines, kidney stones, sciatica, fractures — doctors first try alternative regimens that include non-narcotic infusions and injections, ultrasound guided nerve blocks, laughing gas, even ‘energy healing’ and a wandering harpist.” St. Joe’s isn’t [...]

23 06, 2016

New Study Shows Opioid Painkillers Cause Chronic Neuropathic Pain; Offers Hope for New Treatments

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Opioid painkillers actually cause more pain than the pain they're supposed to be treating. And it can be long term and very severe, says a new study from the University of Colorado. The fact that opioids cause pain has been known for decades. But the phenomenon called "opioid-induced hyperalgesia" has been associated with longer term use of opioids. What's new and remarkable about this study is learning that opioids actually cause nerve pain after taking them for as little as five days. And even more remarkable, this opioid-induced nerve pain can be chronic, lasting for weeks or even months - long after stopping the use [...]

21 06, 2016

New study targets dentists for overprescribing opioids

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It’s rare to find a person these days who hasn’t had to have at least one tooth extracted by a dentist. Although bad teeth eaten away by decay are rare these days, 85 percent of Americans have their wisdom teeth surgically extracted by dentists all over the world – millions of them every year. And the chances are high that every one of those patients was prescribed a dangerously addictive opioid painkiller, like hydrocodone or oxycodone, by their dentist. No one wants to experience the throbbing pain that can follow a tooth extraction. Pain pills are pretty much a necessity. But according to a new [...]

16 06, 2016

Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment Lacking Across the Country, Says New CASA Report

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Insurance plans across the country don't cover the necessary treatments for people with addiction, says a new report from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA). The nationwide review of insurance coverage, titled "Uncovering Coverage Gaps: A Review of Addiction Benefits in ACA Plans," reveals that insurance plans across the U.S. are not covering the necessary treatments for people with addiction as called for under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare, as the ACA has come to be known in the media. Historically, insurance coverage for addiction treatment has been inadequate, CASA says, but the ACA "holds great promise for expanding access [...]

9 06, 2016

House Surprises Everyone by Passing a Bipartisan Package of 18 Bills to Battle America’s Opioid Epidemic

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Just weeks after the Senate passed the historic Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 94-to-1, Congress has again demonstrated broad bipartisan support for the battle against America's opioid epidemic. And then just a few weeks ago, House lawmakers sent an astounding new bipartisan package of no less than 18 bills to the Senate, all of them aimed directly at battling substance use and addiction. Who of us 5 years ago, or even one year ago, would have dreamed that the House of Representatives would get together in such a rare spirit of bipartisanship? Such a display has been surprising [...]

7 06, 2016

White House honors 10 citizens for leading efforts to stop the prescription opioid and heroin overdose

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In spite of her best efforts to help her son overcome his addiction, Justin Phillips lost 20-year-old Aaron to a heroin overdose in October, 2013. Countless grief-stricken moms across America have had to face similar unthinkable tragedies. Only a few manage to turn such a horrific experience into something positive. That’s what Phillips, of Indianapolis, IN, did in 2014, when she helped create a non-profit called Overdose Lifeline Incorporated. Now the Executive Director of the group, Phillips helps addicts find treatment and educates first responders and families how to use naloxone (well known by the brand name Narcan), a drug that can reverse an opioid [...]

31 05, 2016

Prescription drug spending hits $310 billion in 2015 as the US leads the world for the most expensive drugs

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Higher drug spending in the USA than any other country on earth. And not only are drugs more expensive here than anywhere else. Apparently we take more of them. The figures just came in for last year, and they’re staggering. In 2015, US consumers coughed up a record $310 billion for their pills and potions, an 8.4% increase from a year earlier. That’s all drugs from all sources. Yet compared to countries like Canada and the UK, many popular drugs here cost from twice as much to 10 or more times as much. Prescriptions filled only at U.S. retail drug stores totaled $286.8 billion. The [...]